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We challenge and enhance the way businesses leverage high-end expertise

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High-end business & IT consultancy services

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Advisory & Solutions

Go from strategic initiatives to tangible results. We specialize in advising, driving change, and creating value across our expertise areas.

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Staff Augmentation

Extend your team and scale with proven high-end business or IT consultants selected to be the very best in their field.

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Training & Courses

Bespoke training to enhance organizational and team performance, including courses and certifications.

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Managed Services & Managed Teams

Enhance your development, support, or operation with our Managed teams and services. We customize the service depending on your situation and requirements.

Where we excel

Business & IT expertise

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Strategy, change &
transformation >

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Agile >

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Projects &
Implementation >

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Cloud &
Infrastructure >

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Technology &
Development >

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Regulatory, Risk &
Compliance >

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How we deliver

Delivery with a bestshore approach

By taking a holistic perspective to deliver quality services and expertise, we utilize a global workforce to guarantee the flexibility and scalability needed to succeed in a constantly changing digital reality. We call it bestshoring.

On-premises delivery all over Europe

Development centres in Poland and Portugal

Development centre in India

Utilizing a global workforce of IT experts


On premise delivery in Denmark

On premise delivery in the United Kingdom

On premise delivery in Sweden

On premise delivery in Norway

On premise delivery in Germany

On premise delivery in France

On premise delivery in the Netherlands

From our development centres in Poland

From our development centre in Portugal

From our development centre in India

On premise delivery in Ireland

On-premise delivery in the The United Arab Emirates

Who we are


At emagine, we cultivate a culture of openness and integrity to foster meaningful and strong relationships with clients and consultants.

Attention leads to partnerships

Our ability to listen, understand and adapt to our clients' and consultants' unique challenges and priorities enables us to create real impact and value, ultimately leading to meaningful partnerships.

We are emagine, and we hear you.

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We are emagine

emagine is a high-end business and IT consultancy. Enabled by an extensive network of experts, we power progress, solve challenges, and deliver real results through tailored high-end consulting services.

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Discover how we can help you become a successful consultant. Join our extensive European network of experienced specialists who make a difference for leading companies every day.

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