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Why emagine

Working at emagine

As an employee of emagine, you will experience a close-knit culture in which people stand side by side and where there is an emphasis on building close relationships.


Be part of a dynamic international crew


Experience and celebrate diversity


Work in a flexible and learning-oriented ecosystem


Take part in the Employee Benefits programme


Challenge conventional ways of doing things

Our culture

Experience the dedication

William Darlington

“The team spirit is nothing short of fantastic! Together we collaborate in a driven environment which helps us collectively achieve amazing results. Happy to say I work with a world leading team.”

William Darlington, Relationship Engagement Manager, emagine London

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  One company

emagine is an international company of 900+ individuals who collaborate across locations and borders on a daily routine.

To work hand in hand, we rely on a kit of advanced digital tools and, more importantly, on common thinking, making us all emagineers.

Annual growth
icon_14% revenue growth
Languages spoken
Dedication oriented culture

Our values

Acting on the same set of values

The essential tool in our daily interaction with clients, consultants, and colleagues is our ability to listen to our partners.

emagine's corporate values are the standards that guide how we act and behave as a company and as individual emagineers.

In every single moment.





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Vacancies – permanent positions

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