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There is a widespread consensus that agile methodologies enable a more efficient and flexible way of driving new products and services to the market. We share this fundamental belief.

Despite strong strategic commitment, organisations often face challenges when scaling and implementing agile methodologies, mindsets, and ways of working. The adoption of agile principles may struggle to take hold and fail to deliver the desired outcomes. This can lead to a loss of momentum and organisational readiness, hindering the agile transformation journey of the organisation.

However, by implementing agile principles and transformation through effective coaching and training, the positive impact and results become evident.

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5-10 times faster

in driving change and decision making*


ranking in driving innovation among peers*

30% increase

in customer satisfaction*

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Agile transformation

Agile transformation

For particularly complex organizations, scaling agile processes is essential to enable seamless collaboration among diverse teams and departments, ultimately driving value creation. By undergoing an agile transformation, often utilizing frameworks like SAFe®, organizations can embrace agility regardless of their size.

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Agile fit & readiness

Agile fit and readiness assesment

Both an agile fit and readiness assessment is crucial when an organization is considering or initiating an Agile transformation, providing insights into alignment with business goals, identifying gaps, and assessing readiness for change.

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Agile maturity assessment

Agile maturity assessment

The AMA is effective in balancing two things: empowerment of the team to self-assess and own insight, but also challenging the teams with an outsidein perspective based on industry standards to disrupt the current river of thinking and systemic biases that may be blocking the further development.

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Coaching at scale

Coaching at scale

In an increasingly complex world. Moving the bottom-line and having a profitable business becomes increasingly about performance as well as behavior. In short, happy, engaged and empowered employees is equal to your profitability and long-term sustainability of your business.

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emagine's agile practice is founded on extensive experience and a deep understanding of driving agile transformation in complex organisational landscapes.

With a continuous focus on evolution, we challenge best practices and strive for excellence in systems, tools, and innovative methods that shape the market.

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