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Too many strategies and transformations never manifest in tangible outcomes

Driving large-scale transformations and organisational change is a complex and challenging task. However, in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it is crucial to embrace digital transformations to stay competitive.

Numerous organisations face obstacles in their transformation efforts. Common challenges include skill gaps, organisational culture barriers, and inadequate infrastructure to support the necessary changes.

Additionally, we typically see that a lack of strategic alignment can lead to resistance to change, hindering progress. Insufficient portfolio and programme management further impede the transformation by preventing the translation of strategic vision into concrete actions and measurable results.


of transformations fail to meet their objectives*

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The PMO journey

The PMO Journey

The PMO defines and maintains PM people, process and technology standards within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize, optimize and introduce economies in the execution of projects.

Ebook PMO journey
Business transformation model

Business transformation model in practice

This transformation model helps you to work with change on the basis of 4 dimensions, which are all significant if people of the organizationare going to have the desire, courage and ability to change behaviour.

Ebook transformation model
Scheduling as as Service

Project scheduling

When project managers go to work, the desired outcome is to deliver their projects on time, within scope and on budget to a desired level of quality. To achieve this, effective preparation and scheduling are essential.

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Organisational change

Change management

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Turning vision into actions

At emagine, we specialize in translating strategic vision into tangible results.

We offer a wide variety of services and capabilities, enabling companies to build bridges between the business, IT and the people involved, ensuring sustainable and effective change.

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