Influence without Authority – 1 half-day session

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Course overview

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This course provides the essential leadership skills and tools needed to excel with influence, even when you don’t have formal authority.

Master the art of negotiation through emotional intelligence

Teams and leaders encounter many challenges in the pursuit of successful completion of objectives. This course equips you with the skills and tools to wield influence even without formal authority.

This course will be delivered virtually in half-day or full-day slots, using industry-leading collaborative software. There will be engaging and interactive activities both before, during and after each training session.

You will learn to understand how to navigate the matrix environment and build relationships with key stakeholders, from networking and coalition building to persuading and negotiating.

Soft Skills Training

Influence without Authority – 1 half-day session

Within project management, a significant challenge arises when you find yourself in the position of working with stakeholders over whom you hold no formal authority.

This course is designed to give you the essential skills and tools to excel in such circumstances, enabling you to influence, negotiate and lead with control. 

Duration: 1 half-day session

Your capacity to garner support, align objectives, and maintain open lines of communication can mean the difference between project success and potential roadblocks.

In such instances, a project's success and timely completion often hinge on your ability to forge productive collaborations with stakeholders. 

The Project Landscape

  • Understanding the Project Landscape 
  • Navigating the matrix environment
  • Project manager as influencer

The Roadmap to Influence

  • Identify and prioritize stakeholder relationships
  • Clarify your goals and objectives
  • Explore the world of key influencers & identify what matters to them
  • Mirror & match work styles

Understanding resistance, decision making and choices

  • Breaking through resistance – the major barriers to influencing others
  • Decision-making traps
  • Six principles of persuasion

Building Psychological Safety & Establishing Trust

  • What is psychological safety?
  • Setting the stage for candor and curiosity
  • Inviting participation through designing structures
  • Responding productively
  • Establishing trust

Framing the Message

  • The power of talk & mastering crucial conversations
  • Making it safe when emotions run high
  • Mastering your stories
  • Four listening tools to encourage people to share
  • Turning crucial conversations into actions

This course is targeted at leaders and members of teams who want to influence more effectively.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course. 

For easier and productive collaboration with stakeholders over whom you lack formal authority, you will become equipped with the following competences:

  1. Enhanced conversational effectiveness
  2. Creating emotional safety in dialogue
  3. Improved narrative proficiency
  4. Skilful employment of listening techniques
  5. Transformation of conversations into tangible actions

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