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Course overview

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The course is aimed at experienced Project Professionals and Transformation Leaders and requires in-depth knowledge and experience in Project Management.

Unleash your potential and drive organizational excellence with a mindset shift

The Entrepreneurial Project Management Program is a coaching program that transcends traditional training; it's a bespoke transformative journey. Project professionals and transformation leaders will not only acquire new skills but undergo a profound shift in mindset.


Through Myers-Briggs profiling self-assessment, gamification and 'Seeing the Future' techniques, real-life case scenario exercises, 24-hour group assignments, and more. It includes instruction in opportunity recognition, commercializing a concept, managing resources, and taking a calculated risk.

Benefits and outcome

In this program, trainees will learn to enhance self-awareness and communication, master risk management, sharpen decision-making skills, innovate in project development, and exercise sound judgment for effective risk mitigation.

Project Management Training

Entrepreneurial Project Management Program

This program explains how to take a cutting-edge approach to project management.

The goal is to take your technical skills as a project manager, add the elements of an entrepreneur, and create a high-powered team around you to become the best project manager you can be.

Duration: 12 days sessions

Customer Centricity

Module: Leading a customer-centric culture – Apply tools to enhance customer, team, and stakeholder interactions::

  • Empathy interviews
  • Customer Persona creation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Analyze Customer Journey via User Stories and Case Studies for achieving the transformation program's customer-centric success factors.

Ownership and Commitment Module: "Leading Teams for Organizational Success"

  • Self-assessment and performance evaluation for team leadership.
  • Grasp leadership's role in achieving organizational goals.
  • Adapt and enhance leadership style for effective project and program team development.

Risk Management Module 1: "Assessing Risk Alignment"

  • Check the alignment of proposed actions with the organization's risk parameters.
  • Handle scenarios where risks approach or exceed those limits.

Risk Management Module 2: "Anticipating Challenges"

  • Develop foresight and identify potential issues before they escalate.

Judgment Module: "Effective Prioritization"

  • Identify analytical thinking competencies for objective prioritization.
  • Communicate priorities positively for organizational performance improvement and value creation.

Stakeholder Partnership

Module: Influence without Authority.

  • Successfully influence key stakeholders, using a range of competences from networking and coalition building to persuasion and negotiation.
  • Cooperate in the successful delivery of projects and programs.

Empowering Leadership

Module: Developing Trust – How to Build Trust in Others and in Yourself.

  • Become self-aware and recognize the inherent biases that determine how we develop trust and earn the trust of others.
  • Learn to consciously behave in a manner that will build authentic trust across the team.

Emotional Intelligence

Module 1: “Myers-Briggs Exploration of Individual and Group Dynamics.”

  • Understand your own MBTI type and what this means in both your private and professional life.
  • Discover different approaches in people relating to where you focus your attention, absorb information, make decisions, and deal with the outside world.

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence (Empathetic Leadership & Psychological Safety)

  • Become able to define the four domains of Emotional Intelligence and to identify personal strengths and weaknesses in these domains.
  • Understand the value of fostering psychological safety in teams as a key factor in successful teamwork.

Business Acumen Module 1: "Project Recovery Essentials"

  • Distinguish project recovery from cancellation factors.
  • Equip Recovery Project managers with tools to reset team performance for stakeholder satisfaction.

Business Acumen Module 2: "Global Team Collaboration"

  • Cultivate self-awareness, reduce biases, and enhance cross-cultural collaboration in global teams.

Business Acumen Module 3: "Innovating Business Models"

  • Learn to plan, measure, and track benefits, ensuring alignment with the organization's strategic goals from project inception to the realization of the last projected benefit.

Empowering Leadership

Module: Leader as a Coach – How to Coach Others.

  • Understand the benefits and purpose of coaching, and how questions trigger different brain responses.
  • Know the difference between using coaching questions versus being a coach, and when a coaching stance is useful or not.
  • Appreciate the importance of listening, silence, and non-verbal cues in a coaching stance.
  • Experience and apply a simple coaching framework such as awareness/choice/trust (Timothy Gallwey) with related questions.

Learning Agility

Module: Learning to Learn – Developing Intellectual Curiosity.

  • Cultivating curiosity.
  • Using qualitative insights in projects.
  • Cultivating this mindset within team members.

Network Performance

  • Module: Mentorship / Coaching Sessions.

The goal is to be of service to the PMs as they pinpoint some key areas for their Professional Development.

The course is aimed at experienced Project Professionals and Transformation Leaders. 

  • The course requires in-depth knowledge and experience in Project Management. 
  • PMP Certification is required. 

Entrepreneurial Project Management training provides individuals with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities and hone self‐esteem, knowledge, and skills to act on them.  

  1. Self-awareness and Communication: Myers-Briggs profiling self-assessment enhances self-awareness and effective communication by understanding personality traits. 
  2. Risk Management Prowess: Gamification and "Seeing the Future" activities develop the ability to identify and manage risks effectively. 
  3. Decision-Making Skills: In-person class exercises using real case scenarios foster critical decision-making capabilities. 
  4. Innovative Project Development: The 24-hour group assignment hones skills in devising and building entrepreneurial projects to innovate new product or service offerings. 
  5. Judgment and Risk Mitigation: In-person group activities sharpen judgment when choosing between action and escalation, balancing risks and issue mitigation.

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